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Chyten Education, the leading expert in standardized test prep, has been creating unique, personalized test prep programs since 1984.  Using proven, proprietary methodologies, we work with students to build skills, build success, and build futures.
Over 1,000 students and counting have achieved perfect scores on the SAT, ACT, SAT Subject Tests, and AP's. Thousands more have achieved scores in the top 3% nationwide. No organization has placed a higher percentage of students into top US colleges and universities.

182 Point Average Increase for Chyten Students on SAT (1600 Scale)

OVER 150 Harvard and M.I.T. Professors have sent their children to CHYTEN

Over 1000 Perfect Test Scores and additional 1,000+ students in the 95th-99th percentile

Sample strategIES
The Zig Zag Method

Dramatic instinct is so implanted in humanity that it sometimes misleads us, fostering the idea that because we have the natural talent within, we are equally endowed with the power of bringing it out. This is the common error...


According to the narrator, many people believe that having natural talent?

Strategic Solution:

A) can help young actors bypass the need to take insignificant roles. 

B) can sometimes be enough to overcome lack of passion in serious roles.  

C) can systematically alter the way a young actor thinks about formal acting training.  

D) may not be enough to allow actors to adequately perform on stage.

Step 1. Identify the Spy: natural talent

Step 2. Identify the Double Agents:  insignificant, lack of passion, formal acting training 

Step 3. Notice preferred wording: may not be 

Step 4. Identify likely answer: D  

Step 5. Verify answer: bringing it out, common error

Other Chyten Strategies...
Friendly Numbers

If k > m, how much greater is the sum of p and k than the sum of p and m? 

(A) p – k 

(B) 2p – m  

(C) k – m   

(D) 2p –k – m

Strategic Solution

Substitute friendly numbers: numbers that are easy to work with and make sense in the context of the problem. 

For example: k = 5; m = 2; p = 7. Using these numbers, the solution is 12 – 9, or 3. Only C yields that solution. 

Using different numbers would yield a different solution, but the answer, in all cases, will always be C

Go Short

Some star athletes are extremely wary, they may be mindful of those who are envious of their successes and who may lash out unexpectedly.


Removed redundant words.


Some star athletes are extremely wary of those who are envious of their successes and who may lash out unexpectedly.

The Secret To SAT Success

The Chyten Adaptive Online SAT Program is not just a collection of online courses, videos and tests.  To meet the unique needs of each individual student, Chyten’s in-house educational engineers have created the nation’s first fully automated and adaptive online SAT program.  Our program continually updates itself to challenge students adaptively, pulling in hundreds of additional web based resources during the process.  The program includes hundreds of lessons, hundreds of videos, and thousands of questions written by the test prep masters at Chyten.  Working with tutors directly in our feeds allows you to interact with our team, as well as other students along the way. Try it for free today!

1) begin courses & take initial tests

Create your account and log in.  From there you will see how simple and easy it is to go through each section of the program, see what you’ve completed and what's left, and how you are doing so far.

2) customized resources

After you are logged in, you can see which courses are assigned to you.  Resources will be auto-generated as you progress through the program.

3) Skill Lessons,  
Tips, & tricks

As you progress through the modules and lessons, you will be taught from Chyten tutors in a way that has been proven to help engage and interest you for the best possible outcome.

4) Practice Tests

You will also be given larger full length sample tests.  These will help you become comfortable with the formal, and lead to additional content being pulled in where needed.

5) Refine Subjects

Areas of weakness are quickly identified during the program.  Students are welcome to retake these lessons, view additional resources, or reach out to tutors in our tutor feed.

6) Test & Improve

Using Chyten’s proprietary strategies and methods, completing each module, lesson, and practice tests, you will improve in all areas and should look forward to test day!

What Are You Waiting For?!

Get A FREE 7 Day Trial of the Adaptive Online SAT Program Today - NO STRINGS ATTACHED!

Features That Improve Your Score
Step 1
Watch Introduction Video
Step 2
Review Available Lessons
Step 3
Watch Virtual 1-on-1 
Step 4
Re-Test, Repeat, 
& Excel

• Students can pause the virtual classes at any time. 

• Program Simulates one-on-one learning 

• Practice tests at the end of each section.

• Three additional practice tests included in each program.

• Tests were created by Neil Chyten, backed by 30+ test prep experience. 

• Lesson faculty have over 100 combined years of experience in the SAT test prep industry. 

• Students are free to repeat sections if they wish. 

• Approximately 30-40 hours of virtual classroom time included. 

• Content is exclusive to the Chyten system and updated regularly.

Chyten students have been accepted into every top college in America. More than 1000 to the Ivy League.

Since its inception in 1984, Chyten has proudly partnered with schools and corporations to change the way America gets into college. There's a reason that more than 150 MIT and Harvard professors have sent their own children to Chyten, along with the presidents of MIT, Tufts, and Leslie University, admissions officers at U.S. colleges and universities, heads of the nation's best-known private schools, professional sport team owners, world famous celebrities, and leaders of some of America's largest companies.  Find some of the schools our students target below.







What Are Other's Saying About Us?

"I could not be happier with the Chyten online program. They are top-notch, and very compassionate about their work and the students. They care about their students and follow through on their commitment and communication with them. I just received my official acceptance letter to Harvard."

“I am extremely happy to report to you that after taking your online program, I got a 2320 on my May SAT. I got an 800 in writing (including a 12 on my adaptable essay), a 770 in math, and a 750 in reading. I would like to thank you so much for all the help you gave me.

“Your help was really amazing and it raised my score incredibly. Your online SAT courses helped me much more than I could have imagined, and I can’t thank you enough.

"I just wanted to let you know that yesterday I received news that I got into Harvard early, which is where I will attend next year! Thank you for all the help, with both the SATs and then later with my college essays. I honestly have no idea where I would be without your wonderful online SAT program and staff."
“My daughter just finished Chyten’s online adaptive program. The zig-zag method (a technique used for long reading passages) got her through even the most tedious passages. Your program was fantastic about teaching little tricks and secrets to master the math portion of the SAT. Without even realizing, she began to automatically double check her algebra, re-read questions to make sure she knew what it was asking, and take accurate guesses when stumped.
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Neil Chyten,
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